Finance Manager is a real-time management tool that links financial management to resource allocation . The solution enables project and departmental managers effectively manage budgets thereby keeping a close watch on income and expenses incurred on a day to day basis. The solution helps managers identify underspend which can be effectively reallocated therefore enhancing utilisation of resources or overspend that provides valuable information on negative performance indicators.

Key features

Cost Centre Management
 Budget Management
Analysis & Reporting at Study/Cost Centre and Department Level
 Income & Expense Management
 Integrated Dashboard and Analytics
 Income tracking and apportionment to Cost Centre and Study
 Expense tracking and apportionment to Cost Centre and Study
Secure and Scalable

Key Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use via intuitive user interface
  • Plan yearly spend
  • Identify overspends and reallocate underspend instantly.
  • Get real-time statistics on financial health.
  • Compliments internal and external audit procedures.
  • Control and manage access control lists.

Case Studies

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