Customer Relationship Management – sometimes called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software is a solution that helps organisations maintain a centralised repository of customer data and interactions that can be used to drive marketing strategies.

With a big upshift in the use of social platforms todays CRM systems have evolved to be socially aware helping customers in developing stronger, permanent relationships driving business growth and a satisfied customer base.

An effective CRM strategy ensures:
  • Any decentralised processes that impede customer relationships are standardised
  • Replace legacy systems that are impacting customer experience
  • Offer a personalised experience that is compliant with newer smarter devices and platforms
  • Show a 360 degree view of the customer across all cross cutting business functions using state of the art technology as an “enabler”

Services areas

iWeb can provide assistance in the following areas of customer relationship management:
  • Implementation and enterprise wide rollout
  • Bespoke integration services with complex bespoke back-end processes
  • Vendor shortlisting and selection
  • Existing CRM strategy review

Case Studies

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