System reengineering is the process of enhancing an application/system to make room for new functionality/features and/or to correct any bugs. Our teams have extensive training and expertise to analyse and work in collaboration with you to identify how changes could be made that are easily adaptable by the business stakeholders without impacting delivery functions, cost-effective to maintain in the long-term and leverages “best fit” technology. We have resources with cross-domain experience that understands business challenges facing organisations in a continuously evolving world.

Our approach to system reengineering projects is driven by a framework that ensures services delivered at in-line with customer expectations at all times. Our process map allows any size reengineering projects to go through the following phases:

System Reengineering and Enhancement1

System Reengineering and Enhancement2

Services areas

Our System Re-Engineering services include:
  • Technical Analysis of existing application/system
  • Architecture review / Re-Modelling current processes / workflow of existing application/system
  • Gap Analysis
  • Database platform migration/upgrade
  • Application platform technology upgrade
  • Business Data Analysis and Reporting platform upgrade/extension of existing application

Our system reengineering services would benefit in the following scenarios:

  • Where systems / solutions have been inherited and there is a business intension to seek business efficiencies through consolidation
  • Review is required to understand business’s solutions landscape and help streamline
  • Existing legacy systems need an upgrade to keep up with the times
  • Existing legacy systems are hampered by issues causing significant business impact

Case Studies

We are currently updating case studies to reflect recent projects. Please check back later.

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