1. Cross domain expertise

We have been fortunate enough to have worked on projects that have addressed unique issues facing multiple sectors. These issues have caused significant pain to organisations hampering growth resulting in increased hurdles in achieving business targets. Using the knowledge and expertise we have gained we are able to quickly identify, resolve and turn around projects that ultimately has helped organisations in a huge way.

There are cases where we do stumble across complex challenges particularly if it is a domain we haven’t worked in before, in these cases time and time again we have been able to rely on our extremely competent workforce that have worked in collaboration with the customer researching optimal solutions resulting in overcome challenges in no time never the less help us improve our knowledge.

2. Simple but effective processes

We don’t believe in complicating things if a simple approach works. Which is why we have processes in place that take the customer through a journey that is familiar without the danger of getting lost in technical jargon. We have been told this is one of our major attributes that again keeps the customer at ease. For us its all about putting the customer in the driving seat after all.

3. Strong technical knowledge

We have expertise in a myriad of technical platforms/stacks. From open source to proprietary solutions we have the knowledge to offer a tailor made solution that delivers.

4. Collaborative Approach

Our approach is simple. We want our customers to succeed and for this we are happy to team up with the customer to ensure everyone has the same end goal. We believe in the “one team” philosophy which reflects in the way we work. Using agile processes we are able to involve key stakeholders at every stage of the project ensuring everybody is up-to-date and on top of things. We ensure we actively listen to your requirements throughout at each step and engage resources that are perfectly suited for the challenge in hand.

5. Flexible engagement models

At iWeb we are extremely flexible and want the customer to be in the driving seat telling us how and where they would like to steer this collaboration. We are not interested in imposing a specific type of engagement model that makes customer uncomfortable impacting the project.

We understand every customer is different with a unique set of expectations so we make it our priority from the outset to ensure the most appropriate set of choices are offered. Our team has experience in different kinds of engagement models and we ensure the customer understands the benefits and drawbacks of each engagement model before committing.